Monday, September 6, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Serden

I'd like to share with you one of Turkishteam members Serden. He's professional pencil artist. He's drawing his dreams. He's only male member in our group.

serdomania's Shop Announcement


Serden AndiƧ,(aka serdomania)
Professional pencil artist.


My artwork is called dream,and I draw my dreams.`Everyone has a dream,and they do come true.My inspirations are not only my dreams,but my future, love, breath, tears, feelings, hopes... I use black,white and magicial red colours on my works. I strive to produce realistic looking drawings and add my own conceptual ideas, too. I'm trying to form my own style, and share my soul, my feelings with everyone. I hope someday that everybody will know my works and put them on their walls. I do believe in miracles. I`m waiting for my dreams to come true..
“Red is like a soul for me,life is black and white;like death and life.
`Red is my soul and i give my soul to my art..'
“My inspirations;my future,my love,my breath,my feelings,my tears my DREAMS

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Derya

I'd like to share with you one of Turkishteam members Derya. She is very active and talended person. When you check her shop out you'll find amazing knitted and crocheted items and you'll love them!

Iovelycrochet's Shop Announcement

Handmade Designer Shawl, Crochet Jewelry,Scarf,Handbag,Beanie,Mary Jane,Baby Booties,Neckwarmer, Bolero,Shrug....

You will find many of my beautiful, colorful, delicate creations here, created by ME for YOU.

You will find my knitted and crocheted items made by me using quality yarns (wool, cotton, acrylic, moheer, babyyarn)

Thank you for taking time and viewing my handwork, you can contact me any custom orders/questions by using etsy convo system.

I‘m sure 100% you will like it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Etsy Meetup Istanbul!

We'd like to thank you for this great cake toosis Pinar...
We're so happy to see Etsy in our city...

Etsy was in Istanbul! We had a great time with Turkish Etsians. It's great for Turkish Etsians to meet each other. It would only happen once this year, but I'm sure It'll happen next year again.
We're in there as Turkishteam.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Nihal

I'd like to share with you one of Turkishteam members Nihal. She is very talended person and she has lots of great items in her shop.

nezoshop's Shop Announcement

Handmade fabric appliques, supplies flowers, hair accessories, bridal accessories, brooch, cloths, bags, hats, jewelry, sewing to pillows and creative craft works.

I had skills like lace, knitting,crocheting,sewing,beading, embroidery etc.After retirement (elementary school teacher), I had too much time free time to spend for my hobbies.I loved the all handcrafts...

Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions or ideas.

Thank you.

P.S: I am proud of being a member Turkishteam
P.S2:I am proud of being a member European Street Team (EST)

My other shops are at:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Berna

Hi all! Today I have a great visitor again. I 'd like to introduce with you one of best talended members of Turkishteam. She is a graphic designer. Let's check her shop out from following link:

bernolli's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Bernolli's Art Studio.
I am freelance graphic designer, living in Istanbul.

Proud member of Turkishteam and Europeanstreatteam.

Follow me :

Please feel free to contact for your wishes.

Thank you

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Nihan

Today I'm sharing with you one of new Turkishteam members Nihan. She is a jewellery designer. She has great designs and you can see her designs from following link:

nihanatakan's Shop Announcement

Welcome to nihanatakan design studio
I am a Professional jewellery designer, who loves to design minimal and elegant designs.
All designs are designed and made by me and most of them are limited edition...I generally use silver, 8k gold, semi precious stones and diamond in my designs.
The design which you have bought from my shop will be shipped in an special gift box.
All my designs provides you a FREE SHIPPING!I would love to make you custom designs.Please dont hesitate to ask for this.
Please enjoy your visit in my shop....
I belong to an ETSY team,named TURKISHTEAM.
We are several very talented Turkish or Turkish related people who create arts and crafts and sell here on ETSY. Our goal is to promote Turkishteam in a friendly environment.
Type Turkishteam into your ETSY search bar and see what this group of extraordinary ladies have to offer!
to be aware of newly listed items instantly follow me on twitter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Etsy is in istanbul!

Hey all! I've got good news for you!

Etsy 's planning a meetup in Istanbul 11 August! This is Marie's message:

" Hello Turkish Etsians!

Please come and join me for a drink or snack August 11th in Istanbul. I will annouce in early August where exactly we will all meet. Come, bring friends and if you like a product of yours! Share your story with us!

Happy to meet you all!


You can find detailed information from following link: