Monday, September 6, 2010

Daily Introducing one of Turkishteam members Serden

I'd like to share with you one of Turkishteam members Serden. He's professional pencil artist. He's drawing his dreams. He's only male member in our group.

serdomania's Shop Announcement


Serden AndiƧ,(aka serdomania)
Professional pencil artist.


My artwork is called dream,and I draw my dreams.`Everyone has a dream,and they do come true.My inspirations are not only my dreams,but my future, love, breath, tears, feelings, hopes... I use black,white and magicial red colours on my works. I strive to produce realistic looking drawings and add my own conceptual ideas, too. I'm trying to form my own style, and share my soul, my feelings with everyone. I hope someday that everybody will know my works and put them on their walls. I do believe in miracles. I`m waiting for my dreams to come true..
“Red is like a soul for me,life is black and white;like death and life.
`Red is my soul and i give my soul to my art..'
“My inspirations;my future,my love,my breath,my feelings,my tears my DREAMS